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Vladislav Tsalko
The Director-General

About us

Concord Shipbuilding Corp. is a leading Ukrainian Ship building and operating company. Established in 2000, corporation has 15 year of success in ship repairing, building and operating.

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Our work


Construction of complete vessels for various purposes.

  • Definition study of technical characteristics of future vessel based on customer requirements for the carriage of goods and passengers.
  • Development of preliminary design and project technical documentation of the vessel.
  • Drafting of maker list, purchase, supply of equipment and materials to the shipyard.
  • Construction of the vessel’s hull.
  • Installation of machinery, equipment and systems of the vessel.
  • Finishing of residential and office accommodation.
  • Carrying out painting and outfitting works.
  • Carrying out of mooring and sea trials.
  • Registration of the classification documents for the vessel.
  • Implementation of legislation (customs, environmental and other laws) formalities in accordance with the requirements of State on which territory the vessel is under construction.


Carrying out of scheduled and emergency repair works, modernization and renovation of vessels.

  • Repair determination of hull, systems and machinery, electrical equipment and radio-navigation aids of vessel.
  • Repair of hull, power and propulsion plants, systems of vessel, propeller-rudder system, deck equipment and machinery in accordance with requirements of classification societies.
  • Cleaning and painting of hull and vessel elements.
  • Conversion of residential and utility premises of vessel in accordance with conventional requirements.
  • Survey and complete set of rescue and fire-fighting equipment of the vessel.
  • Carrying out of mooring and sea trials.
  • Development and realization of projects on modernization (conversion) of vessels including increasing of cargo capacity, class change, purpose change of the ship and others.
  • Renovation of vessels using elements of ship structures of the donor vessel.

Our achievements

General Cargo Ships

A series is built by Kherson shipyard and “Concord Shipbuilding” company for the Russian River Register class of the M-SP 3.5 with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping conventional documents.

Passengers ships

“Concord Shipbuilding Corp” company and Kherson shipyard named for Kuybishev delivered passenger cruise vessel “Imperia” of PV01 prj.

Tanker Ships

They are assigned for mixed river-sea and marine transportation of crude oil and oil products, including benzine, without flash point restrictions, wine materials, vegetable oils and molasses.

Members of the corporation

В корпорацию «Concord Shipbuilding Corp.», входят следующие афелированные компании:

Activity category: basic management company.

Address: Jasmine Court, 35 A Regent Street, P.O. Box 1777, Belize City, Belize
e-mail: сsc2@mail.ru , office@concord.kherson.ua.
Address of Representative Office in Ukraine: «Concord Shipbuilding Corp.»
(on the territory of Kherson Shipyard), 1 Karantinny Ostrov, Kherson, 73019, Ukraine
tel./fax: 380 552 411684

Head of the company: Vladislav Tsalko

Private production-commercial enterprise “Firm Alvi”, Ukraine.
Activity category: The company was founded in 1995, and in 2004 began work as a company that performs work and provides services to shipowners, shipbuilding and shiprepair yards associated with outfitting, painting, pipe installation, mechanical, electrical and other types of work.

Address: office 306, 3 Boulevard Mirniy, Kherson, 73000, Ukraine
e-mail: csc1@mail.ru
tel./fax: 380 552 414176

General Director: Oleksandr Shcherbakov
Marketing Director: Vitalii Prisich

Activity category: Technical operation of the fleet, maintaining of vessels in good working order to ensure uninterrupted shipping, navigation and classification repairing of vessels, vessel supply of spare parts and materials, obtaining permit documents.

Address: 14, 9 Sichnya Str., Kherson, 73000, Ukraine
tel./fax: 380 552 424106, 380 552 424107
e-mail: tbs2014sc@gmail.com, reg. No. 39510497

Director: Maxim Molchanov

Legal basis

Legal framework.
Recognition of the classification societies.

The companies operate in accordance with the country’s of incorporation law and they are subject to the supervision of the classification societies …

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Kherson Shipyard
Kherson shipyard named for Kuybishev
Chernomorskiy Shipyard
Shipyard "Ocean"
State Enterprise "Shipyard named after 61 Communards"
Shipyard "Zaliv"
  • 4 Tankistov Str, Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine

  • +38 0656 13 30 55

Kuzey Star Shipyard
  • Evliya Çelebi M. Tersaneler C. 14, Tuzla, Yalova, Turkey

  • +90 216 447 04 41

Tersan Shipyard
"Volgograd Shipyard" JSC
  • 2 Arseneva Str, 400112, Volgograd, Russia

  • +7 844 267 07 01

Samara Shiprepair Yard "Nefteflot"