Project “Centaurus”

Type of the ship

Type of ship and its purpose: Ship purpose is realization of short-haul pleasure cruises with passengers along seashore. The ship is able to realize international cruises.
Architectural-construction type of ship: Steel single-deck passenger vessel, with single-tier superstructure and wheelhouse on Superstructure Deck, with aft location of engine room, with reverse gradient stem post and transom counter.

Self-sustained period and sea endurance

Self-sustained period of new ship as for store of food and water will be about twenty-four hours in case of all passengers are aboard. When only crew members are aboard, selfsustained period will be about 14 days. Sea endurance resulting from store of fuel-oil and lubrication oil at speed of 14 knots will be at least 300 nautical miles.

Class of the ship

The ship including machinery and equipment will be built according to Rules in force and under the supervision of Register of Shipping of Ukraine for the class: КМ⭐️ Ice1 1 R2 Passenger Ship.

Main dimensions of the ship

  1. Length overall, m 43,95
  2. Length, m 41,40
  3. Breadth, m 9,00 м
  4. Depth, m 4,10 м
  5. Draught by summer waterline, m 2,35 м
  6. Deadweight, ton 72
  7. Speed, knots 14
  8. Main engine power, kW 2 х 530
  9. Crew strength, persons 8
  10. Operating personnel, persons 10
  11. Number of passengers, persons 207