300-placed PV01M passenger vessel “Imperiya” of “Fos Shipping Management” Company started operation.

“Concord Shipbuilding” company and Kherson shipyard named for Kuybishev delivered passenger cruise vessel “Imperia” of PV01 prj. with capacity of 250 passangers.

Vessel “Imperiya” is assigned for cruises along coast line in Black Sea.

Designing and construction supervision was being carried out by Verkhniy-Volzhskiy branch of RRR (since 24.02.2022, we do not cooperate with the specified register). Project PV01 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB), and “Korvet” construction bureau (Kherson). There are 250 places for passengers in the restaurants and on the opened decks of first and second tiers.
Overall length is 45.03 m, length between perpendiculars is of 43.20 m, overall breadth is of 14.05 m, designed breadth is of 12.52 m, depth is of 2.82, draught is of 2.28 m.
Vessel has bow with sloping stem, forecastle, transom stern and deckhouse located in the middle. Main engines are located aft, living quarters and office accommodations are located fore. Swimming pool is located between decks of first and second tiers. Restaurants are placed on first and second tiers of the superstructure. There are a scene and make-up room in the restaurant placed on the first tier. There is a VIP zone in the restaurant placed on the second tier. Dance pavilion with bar are placed on the opened deck of the first level. There is a swimming pool with passenger relaxation zone in the aft part of the deck of second tier.

Vessel is of double-screw type, cruising speed is of 11.0 kn. Two diesel-generators with capacity 375 kWt are used as main power plant. They work through reverse reduction gear to fixed-pitch propeller. Auxiliary power plant consists of 2 diesel-generators with capacity of 80 kWt and 50 kWt.

Autonomy is of 14 hours. Crew consists of 17 persons (including service stuff), number of passengers is of 250. Vessel’s keel was laid down on 08.02.2007.

She was launched on 29.05.2008 and delivered on 25.07.2008.

Motorship “Imperiya” is the first passenger vessel that was built for passenger transportation on coastal lines and cruises in seaside resorts Black Sea coast during more than 10-years period. It is interesting to mark that first vessels with same assignment (“Zarya” and “Zarnitsa”) were built in 1928 at Odessa shipyard. They could transport up to 235 passengers each. In 1934 serial building of cruise vessels for rapidly developed resorts was organized in Odessa. After WW II such famous series as “Lastochka”, “Almaz” “Magnolia”, “Arkadiya”, “Raduga”, “Aleksandr Grin”, well-known for the older generation, were laid down. By 1970 such vessels’ type annual transportation capacity reached 40 million passengers, moreover 40% of these transportations were Black and Azov cruise lines.

During last 15-20 years number of cruise vessels in Black Sea sharply decreased, number of cruises almost decreased down to zero. Grandiose Sochi development program on the threshold of Olympic Games can’t be full value without passenger vessel presence, moreover for comfortable sea cruises of relatively short duration carrying out (“Imperiya” is particularly used for such purpose) and for fast line coastal cruises Sochi-Tuapse- Novorossisk-Yalta and other well-known lines.