Kaya Pioneer

On December 2, 2008 dry-cargo vessel “Kaya Pioneer” of DCV16 prj. (building number is of 08137) was launched by Kherson shipyard and “Concord Shipbuilding” firm.

“Sea Pioneer” Ltd shipping company is the ship-owner. Cemil Tumkaya is a director.

Vessel’s project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).

Ukrainian Maritime Register class notation is of KM  A1.

Vessel is sea-going single-deck, single-screw with 4 cargo holds, with bulbous bow, with double bottom and double sides, with forecastle, with engine room and accommodation located aft.

Dry-cargo vessel is assigned for transportation of general, bulk, grain and large-sized cargoes, dangerous goods.

Length between perpendiculars is of 123.75 m, overall length is of 136.72 m, depth is of 12.15 m, breadth is of 15.85 m.

Vessel is designed with increased depth and continuous longitudinal hatch coamings (height is of 1.60 m) that allow to increase standard of general strength of vessel’s hull, cargo holds’ capacity, tonnage due to essential increase of section’s height.

Vessel has forecastle with increased height at fore-end and full superstructure of the first level of located aft accommodation.

Designed vessel’s deadweight with summer freeboard draught of 9.203 m is of 8473 tons. Total capacity of 4 cargo holds is of 10597 m?. All holds are smooth-wall. Cargo hatch breadth is of 13.08 m.

Tank top in cargo holds is of 12 mm thickness, double bottom construction is strengthened, that allow to increase allowable double bottom load intensity up to 10 t per sq.m for hold No.1 and up to 11 t per sq.m for other holds (Nos.2,3,4). Total ballast tank capacity is of 1511 cub. m. Bridge height and visibility (i.e. dimensions and arrangement of deck-house air-ports) are provided in accordance with requirements of IACS UI SC 181. Hatch covers are of “Mc. Gregor” type with hydraulic gear designed by Turkish company Endraze. They were made in Turkey.

Main engine produced by MAK with capacity of 6600 kWt is operated on heavy fuel oil and is certified due to MARPOL requirements due to NOx pollution. It provides speed of 20 kn (hull’s block coefficient is of 0.62). Main engine through reduction gear drives variable pitch propeller and shaft generator with capacity of 980 kWt. Auxiliary power plant consists of 2 diesel-generators SCANIA with capacity of 450 kWt each. Autonomy is of 30 days.
Crew consists of 13 persons (17 places).

Vessel’s keel was laid on 7.09.07 and she was launched on 31.03.08.